First of all I just want to thank you for taking the time to come to my website! I just want to introduce myself real quick. My name is Brynn Kelley and I love photography... but no surprise there, right? I've been doing photography for 3 years now and can't get enough of it. You know that feeling when you are completely in your element and you never want to leave it. Like you found a piece of you and it fits just perfectly. Photography is that for me. I absolutely love to capture the sweet, tender, spontaneous, and fun moments.

A few other things about me....

I married the love of my life in Dec of 2017 and I can tell you that I have never been more happy! He is my biggest support and best friend.

We also have a 4 year old toy Aussie that brings a lot of joy into our life.

I am a Utah Valley Bride official photographer!

If I was stranded on a deserted island, and only could eat one thing, it would be fruit, hands down!

I could pass for like 16... which people remind me all the time, so if you can guess, I came child size. I can buy kids shoes and small gloves are too big for me.

I love to travel, be outdoors, and be with family and friends.

What to expect from me...

Okay I'm a sucker for love. Love that starts simple and grows into something that will last a lifetime. Being able to capture your special day is an absolute honor for me. For me it's not just about capturing that special day or event, it's more then that. It's capturing a memory that you can have for a lifetime. A memory you can pull out when your 80 something years old and you can show your grand kids and great grandkids and you can look back and relive that memory. 
Just remember guest come will come and go, the cake will be eaten, the dress will get hung up but the pictures are there to stay and last with the memories. 



PC: Katiegriffphoto

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Utah Wedding & Couples Photographer